Discover the cost of solar energy with E Electrical's solar costs calculator. Designed for Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall residents, it simplifies your transition to sustainable energy. Understand the investment and savings associated with solar PV installations in your locale.

Understanding the Cost Calculator

E Electrical's tool demystifies expenses associated with setting up solar panels. Input specifics like property size and preferred panel type to receive a customised estimate. It considers various factors, including local installation fees and panel efficiency. This resource is invaluable for Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall homeowners contemplating a greener future. It provides clarity on the financial commitment required, aiding in informed decision-making.

Long-Term Savings

While initial costs are crucial, the long-term benefits of solar PV installations are significant. Reduced utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint are among the advantages. Our calculator includes potential savings, making it a comprehensive tool for residents across Devon and Cornwall. It's not just about immediate costs; it's about envisioning a sustainable, cost-effective future. Cost savings will be calculated post submission and emailed directly to you.


E Electrical's calculator is your first step towards a greener home in Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. Understand the costs, embrace the savings, and join the sustainable energy movement. Contact us to explore your solar PV installation options and start your journey today.