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Working From Home

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Home Offices

The past year, with all its ups and downs, has changed many aspects of our lives. COVID has had a huge impact on our day to day living from simple things such as how we now do our shopping and how often we socialise to more complex situations like, how do we work in the current climate.

Whilst many of us found ourselves on furlough a huge number of UK workers found themselves working from home for the first time. Homeworking can have some amazing benefits such as spending more time with your dog, wearing PJs at your desk and not having to talk to Clive from accounting about his new custom pc build. There are some downsides though and the quality of your home office can seriously impact not only your productivity but also your health. Issues such as poor lighting ruining zoom calls, sockets on the wrong walls leading to trailing cables and poor wifi connections can be a real headache. Many of these can be easily sorted through with the help of an electrician.


Appearing good on video is something to seriously consider when working from home. If you are likely to have client calls or meetings with the boss over zoom it’s important to look your best and you will find poor lighting one of your top enemies. There is a wide range of lighting options and it may seem like a good idea to just grab a couple of cheap lamps but after a few video calls and some long days at your desk resulting in tired eyes, you will probably realise that this is not a long term solution. Choosing the best lighting option for your office can feel like a minefield but with a bit of guidance, it can not only be stress-free but even enjoyable.

Lighting and your health

There has been lots of research on what type of lighting is best for an office environment. Studies have found that poor lighting can not only have a detrimental effect on your productivity but can also have serious health implications too. Poor lighting, be it too dim or too harsh, can result in eye strain, drowsiness and even headaches and migraines. According to lighting experts, lights with a colour temperature of 5000 Kelvin are the best for a working environment. This light is a slightly warmer shade than natural daylight yet still looks crisp and clear

How can we help?

At E-Electrical we offer professional installation services accredited by NICEIC. All our work is conducted to the highest standard and we can supply any relevant installation certificate needed. If you have concerns about electrical safety in your new office we can also conduct a test and supply an electrical test certificate for your home. Rather than searching through page after page on google give us a call or head to our site for more information.

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