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What is the NICEIC?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Contracting) is a leading organisation that regulates and trains electricians in the UK.

The NICEIC is a great body to choose an electrician from if you are looking for one, as they have electricians across the country and the NICEIC assesses their contractors to the highest standards.

Joining the NICEIC as a contractor will require a lot of work. The NICEIC tests their contractors across a lot of disciplines. However, as a leading organisation in the UK, joining the NICEIC, and becoming registered with a certificate, is great for your career.

How to become NICEIC registered

As champions of safety and electrical competence, becoming NICEIC registered is incredibly important to growing your career as an electrician. Not only does becoming registered with the NICEIC mean you will gain an extra certificate, but also likely have undergone extra studying and research to gain the qualification.

The process begins when registering for the Approved contractor scheme, this costs £1000 for the application and registration fee.

The assessment includes a full assessment of your business property and your working practices, and as a standard you will need to comply with BS 7671 and its safety standards.

Demonstrating competence and excellence in the field of electrical testing and inspection, as well as installation. There are several tips for the assessment that you can pick up, but being a good electrician is what is crucial here.

Benefits for the contractor

Should your assessment be successful, you will now be NICEIC registered with a certificate to prove it. This is one of the highest levels you can reach as an electrician in the UK, as an organisation with a lot of weight, this has many benefits for you as an electrician.

Customers know you are the safest

As the NICEIC assessment will outline your business practice and how you carry out each process, passing it will determine how safe you are when installing electricals. You will also now officially comply with the latest and best building regulations, meaning that you will be fully ready for all issues and will potentially save time and save your customer money.

The best in the field

NICEIC registered electricians are considered some of the best in the country. It takes a lot of work to get to the level where you are NICEIC certified, but becoming the best in the field gains you work and the ability to charge the best rates.

Be registered on the NICEIC directory

Another benefit is the NICEIC directory. This means that anyone with a certificate can be found directly from the NICEIC website. It opens another avenue for you to find customers who know you are certified as the best and have the finest safety standards.

Benefits for the customer

All the above benefits for contractors also apply for the customer. However, the customer looking for an electrician can trust in the NICEIC to provide electricians that give you the best possible standards.

Furthermore, you can easily find an electrician on their website, with the directory. It makes it so much easier to find an electrician you know you can trust, which is always a tough thing to do if you are looking for someone new.

Should you use the NICEIC?

The best way to advance your career as an electrician is by joining the NICEIC. Taking the initial assessment, whilst expensive, is a long term investment into getting one of the best qualifications in the field, and benefits your career massively. The NICEIC is well regarded by both customer and industry, and is something to consider if you are looking to take your career further, or guarantee the best electrician.

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