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What is electrical testing equipment and how is it used?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Depending on your device or situation, there is a range of different electrical tests that can be carried out. From voltage testers to multimeters, different equipment is best for individual jobs. Here are just some of the electrical equipment options that your electrician can use for electrical testing and electrical inspections.


A multimeter is the most versatile tool you can have as an electrician. Not only do they test for voltage, AC, DC and frequency, but they cover a great range of other tests too. Mastering how to use a multimeter puts an electrician at a great advantage as the equipment has the power to test for almost everything in electricity including electrical circuits.

Continuity tester

A tester powered by batteries, this tester checks for power in a circuit or electrical system and because this is frequently used by electricians on most jobs. Due to it being powered by batteries, this tester does not require the circuit to be live whilst testing which is hugely useful for electricians performing periodic inspections. A continuity tester is a great tool for electrical safety as it allows for the electrician to carry out the tests on a circuit which is not live, this greatly reduces the risk involved.

Solenoid voltage tester

Known by electricians as ‘wiggies’ is an easier to use alternative to the multimeter. Testing for almost anything you could need as an electrician, the voltage tester does not need batteries and is straightforward to use with its interface.

Some prefer this tester to the multimeter because of this. However, the Solenoid is not as accurate as of the multimeter, despite being easier to use. This does not take away from it being a brilliant tool to have as an electrician though, as it is far easier to understand than the multimeters multiple functions, and even the best electricians sometimes prefer the Solenoid to the multimeter.

The electrician's tools

There are so many more tools that an electrician may use throughout their career, there is no definitive best set of tools for them to use and many come down to personal preference. Depending on what task the electrician is completing will define which tools they need for the task however they should always ensure that they are complying with electrical installation and wiring regulations.

Electrical Testing Equipment

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