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What is EICR, and why is it important?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) certifies that the electricals in your home or building are up to the safest standards. It may need to be carried out in a new property, or when something has been damaged, but should also be carried out every ten years to maintain safety standards.

Your EICR will need to be carried out by someone with great experience, preferably with an NICEIC qualification for the best safety standards.

The EICR is a crucial part of health and safety in the field of electricals. All electrical products require regulation to make sure they work correctly and don’t pose a danger to the user. Carrying out an EICR is the in-depth way to do this, as your electrician can write up a full report of the electricals and suggest ways to improve not only the electricals, but the environment they are in also.

When should I carry out an EICR?

The safety benchmark for an EICR is ten years. In this time you notice other issues begin to arise with some of your installations, if this happens we suggest getting those serviced and take out an EICR.

The recommended time for an inspection is also different based on the device, however your initial assessor will outline this for you.

The EICR is an in-depth, well tested report on your electricals and environment. As such it will outline any potential issues you could face, and what many happen in the conditions it is in, arming you with the best information to keep your electricals maintained well.

Who should carry out my EICR?

As the nature of the EICR is very in-depth and requires expert knowledge, only vastly experienced electricians and contractors should carry this out. When taking an EICR, you want to have the report done thoroughly and carried out by the best possible person.

Someone credited by the NICEIC is the obvious choice, but any well experienced electrician will give you an in-depth EICR.

Do I need an EICR legally?

Legally, there is no obligation to take out an EICR. But that isn’t to say you shouldn’t get one. The priority should always be to deal with your safety and getting an EICR is the best way to ensure that you have a secure building in terms of electricals.

Not getting an EICR done means that you are at a disadvantage when maintaining your home or building, as you would not have an in-depth report of the electricals and the level of their quality.

Getting the EICR

The EICR can be enquired about with most expert electricians, should you need one doing, there should be many options for you to consider, just make sure that they have great safety standards and will produce an in-depth report for you, as these are the most important factors of the EICR.

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