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Transform your outdoor space for a summer of COVID safe parties

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

With the current COVID regulations in the UK we are now finally allowed to have visitors in our gardens, let the parties commence! People up and down the country are feverishly working on their gardens to make them into stylish and practical spaces with the hope of impressing their friends and relatives. After all, if you have the best garden people will come to you, no taxis home and no designated driver needed.

Transforming your garden does take more than a quick trip to the local garden centre though. Whilst it’s easy to update your BBQ set up and buy some new seating options once the sun goes down your guests won't be able to see a thing. The simple answer of course is exterior lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

There is a myriad of outdoor lighting options available for you to choose from giving you masses of flexibility in designing your new party space. There are also additional applications to take into accounts such as home security and personal safety.

Garden Step Lighting

Outdoor step lighting not only looks great as the sun goes down but is also amazingly practical. If you have steps in your garden having them lit at night will greatly reduce the possibility of trips and falls. This install will require a builder as well as an electrician but is still a relatively inexpensive electrical installation.

Outdoor Accent Lighting

If you’re looking to really up the wow factor of your garden the best option is to look at accent lighting. Whether that be up-lighters in your flower beds, downlights on the side of your house or even strings of lights between your trees. These are available in hundreds of different variations so it’s incredibly easy to customise them to your taste.

External Security Lighting

External security lights are great for peace of mind and a greater sense of safety. These can even be set up to switch on automatically on a timer meaning once they are in place you won’t even need to think about them. There are also plenty of options for style so security doesn’t need to come at a detriment to the overall look of your house

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