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Smart Homes? How electrical installation can modernise your home

Updated: May 12, 2021

Smart integration for the home, flashy gadgets or a worthwhile spend?

With all the various options available it’s easy to lose sight of what advantages there are with smart devices for your home. Fairly often companies will slap the word “smart” in front of their product names just to boost the price up. Some devices are incredibly useful, some not so much. Do you really need a smart slow cooker, probably not? A smart video-enabled doorbell that connects to your phone, however, could be pretty useful for all of us!

So, you can now change your lighting and music just by using your voice and switch on your heating on your commute home from work from your phone so that you walk into a perfectly warm house, but did you know you can also track your energy usage in real-time?


Whether your focus is on reducing your carbon footprint or saving yourself a bit of cash, having minute by minute usage data gives you complete control over your home and your energy consumption. Nest Thermostats are incredibly easy to use and learn your heating usage and habits over time meaning your home will be the ideal temperature 24 hours a day (even if your kids disagree).

Other advantages of smart thermostats are the ability to operate them using nothing but your voice so if you’re movement impaired this could be an extremely useful addition to your home. There are countless voice-controlled products available these days that connect to your phone or Alexa enabled devices giving you immediate control over many aspects of your house.


The electrical installation of a smart thermostat or doorbell is incredibly straightforward, simply search “electrician near me” or to speak to us and find an electrician in your area contact us directly for more information.

Smart Integration Thermostat
Smart Integration Thermostat

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